Monday, February 1, 2010

In Which I Am Annoyingly Indecisive

I am bad at making decisions. I am a waffler. And when those decisions involve sizable outlays of cash, I am even more indecisive. Mr. Marzipan and I both enjoy photography and have decided to go ahead and treat ourselves to a beginner DSLR now that the kids are old enough to be taught to fear death and dismemberment if they break the camera or touch it or look at it for too long with great intensity. Also because our current camera is suffering from a lingering malaise where it will intermittently not work/take shitty pictures/refuse to be on speaking terms with the computer.

We went to the camera store yesterday where I was highly overstimulated and made rodent-style squeaky noises and bounced a little on my toes. Mr. Marzipan eventually became tired of trying to prevent the children from doing the kind of damage that would wipe out our retirement funds. He took them to Trader Joe's while I beheld a Nikon display with the big starry eyes one generally associates with anime characters.

The nice man there took out a few models for me to play with, as though I don't haunt his store like the ghost of Ansel Adams. After a moment I set down the D5000 and cradled the D90 in my hands. "Pretty," I breathed, pushing buttons and listening to it whir in a soothing fashion.

"It has an 800 volt capacitron with a 550 gigahertz quantronium adjustificator," the man assured me. Something like that, anyway.

"Ah," I said, nodding sagely, sizing up the macro lenses.

We shared a moment of understanding before I handed the camera back. "Well, I'll be back once I decide," I promised him. For the third time. I wandered over to Trader Joe's where my son was drinking decaf and my daughter was stalking a kid who was hiding the Pirate Bear, so that she could then retrieve it and turn it in for a lollipop.

"Have we made a decision yet?" inquired my husband, eating the little chicken samples they had available at the sample station.

"Um," I said.

"I see."

My daughter returned with the Pirate Bear, looking triumphant. "I found him! And I'm getting two lollipops. One for each of us," she clarified, as her brother had begun to look mutinous.

We finished our shopping and then went to my parents' house for dinner. (Tacos.) The highlight of the evening was watching Mr. Marzipan and my parents play Outdoor Challenge on Wii. My mother is like a savant at Mole Stomper.

If I had a better camera, I'd've taken pictures to show you.

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  1. I have the same problem. When we were in New York two years ago, I made the pilgrimage to B&H Photo. I had every intention of buying a new camera or at least an awesome lens. I wound up with a handful of rolls of Kodak film. I was in the greatest camera store on Earth and suddenly had fishhooks in my wallet.

    Keep us posted what you get. I have been "this" close to pulling the trigger on a D90 but my inner cheapskate gets the better of me every time.