Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Which We Prepare For Snowmageddon II: The Re-Snowening

You guys. There is a metric shit ton of snow in Baltimore right now. (The metric shit ton, in case you are interested, is 240 pounds heavier than the imperial shit ton.) When I measured Sunday, I had about 34 inches of snow on my lawn. AlmondGirl spent the night at my parents' on Friday and the roads were so bad they couldn't get her home until Sunday afternoon. She reported that they gave her too much sugar.

Another 16-22 inches of snow is on the way.

I love snow. I do. I love the coziness of being safe inside and watching it come tumbling down from the leaden sky, piling up in improbable little puffs and softening the hard edges of the world. I love how clean and inviting it looks, bluish in the hollows and blinding in sunlight. I like knowing that people are being forced to slow down, staying in to play board games and bake cookies. I brought cocoa out for the neighbors while they were all out freeing their cars.

That said, things are getting a bit out of hand. My husband is developing a deep and abiding hatred for our shovel. If I bake anything else, I will have to be removed from the house via forklift come spring. My children will probably not be back to school until late April at this point. Facebook is alive with "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR KIDS WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP???!1!!1!" (Today, the answer to that question is "bringing them to Marzipan's house." Six-kid playdate planned. I am making pizzas and will share the recipe in my next post.)

But in the spirit of fun, I will share with you these pictures.

AlmondGirl's Calvin and Hobbes style Drowning Snowman.

Mr. Marzipan shoveling. He is 6'5, for reference.

Where the sidewalk ends:

AlmondBoy and I say "to hell with this" and go in for cocoa.

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  1. I love how AlmondGirl ratted out her grandparents for giving her too much sugar! Awesome.