Monday, March 1, 2010

In Which My Daughter Is Fabulous

VirgataGirl and I have been making those knotted fleece blankets to donate to kids at a homeless shelter, and the whole idea of being homeless has really resonated with her. We've been talking about it a lot, about what being homeless means (Mama, they don't have their own rooms? Mama, where do they have their tea parties?) and the reality of it has finally sunk in. This morning I found all of the money from her wallet on my dresser with instructions to donate it. And she told me that instead of receiving birthday presents for her 6th birthday in June, she wants everyone to donate something to kids who don't have anything. We talked about different kinds of charities and she is really putting a lot of thought into this. I am so proud of her and so in awe of this little person I helped create, and how much greater she is than the sum of her parts.


  1. Kids can be so amazing!! I recommend Heifer International. She can have the kids give her a card showing the animal they donated for her birthday! ANd it is a charity that helps kids all over the world in a way that I would think makes sense to a kid.

    Sorry, came out of lurker-hood to offer my two cents! Kisses to the amazing kiddo!!

  2. Jennifer, we talked about Heifer International last night and she thought it was really cool. She's been very interested in beekeeeping and likes the idea of buying bees for someone.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts about my girl.

  3. Fabulous, indeed. Moments like these give frazzled mothers hope!