Friday, March 12, 2010

In Which...Duh.

I went to the dentist this morning (and guess who needs braces?!) and ran into a woman I hadn't seen in three years. "Wow!" she said to me. "You look great. You look totally different! Did you do something to your hair? And your face looks thinner. Have you lost some weight?"

For reference, here's about how I looked the last time she saw me:

And present:

I get that asking people if they've lost weight can be awkward, but seriously. 120 pounds is enough that we don't need to be coy here.


  1. Hahaha, this is so true. We marveled at this phenomenon with my husband, and he lost less weight on a much taller frame.

    Technically, though, you did change your hair too. Maybe that confused her. :)

  2. It's like you lost a whole person!