Monday, March 8, 2010

In Which There Is No Water

On Saturday at around 11 AM-ish I was at the gym on the elliptical when an announcement came over the intercom stating that due to some kind of water main issue there was no water pressure at the gym and that this pretty much meant we were all SOL on showers and water fountains. A great and biblical groan rose up from those of us engaged in sweatiness related activities, but I finished my workout and managed to get enough water trickling out of the shower head to bathe myself decently. I gathered the kids and headed home, unaware of the fact that 100,000 people along the Reisterstown Road corridor had no water either.

"We have no water," my husband said upon my return. "This sucks."

It did suck. And it sucked even more than it usually would because every year we attend a fundraising event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the event was that Saturday night. My parents were coming over to watch the kids, but having someone watch small children with no working toilets is just blatantly mean. So we took the kids over to my parents' house and went to the event (which, by the way, has a Theme of Inexplicable Weirdness every year; this year being "Barn Chic") and then my dad said to just leave the kids for the night. Which we did.

Sunday brought no water. Local businesses were closed, and scouring the news revealed that the water main was hard to fix because - get this - there's a stream in the way. I have no water because there's water in the way of it getting to me. No water Sunday evening, so we all spent the night with my parents which is actually a little awesome because my parents have this lovely shower with 6 different showerheads and this bench thing and I believe it bathes you in the tears of angels.


Schools closed today due to the lack of water, but they're giving out potable and non-potable water at a municipal sportsplex. I have primarily been spending my free time (the gym is closed) eating.


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